"A Rare Moment of Quiet."

"A Rare Moment of Quiet."

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This piece is inspired by motherhood, and the chaos that comes from learning to be a parent. The reference of the figure is the artists mother, and the chair is also based on a chair that was in the artists house growing up. The minimal facial details are meant to evoke memory. With this piece, the artist hopes to explore the idea of maternal sacrifice and intimacy, and how familial love can sometimes be most palpable in moments of reflection.

In this piece, the artist tried to channel that moment of peace when the baby has just fallen asleep. He chose yellow for a background in order to present a warm light that comes from a fireplace, which was chosen to present a warmth and quiet.  One the viewer can imagine is maybe only broken by the sound of crackling fire.

This piece could be seen at The Fulton Street Collective @thefultonstreetcollective, in their December 2020 Show, "Journey/ Exploration" Curated by Rod @getchamans.

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas.



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